#2. Concepts


So, you’ve signed the contract. Now we develop and present one or several “design concepts” based on the details revealed in the interview.

Please share: Torn magazine pages that inspire you, the Pinterest boards or Houzz design boards you’ve gathered, if you have them. Or, simply share your general ideas about how you want to use your space...and how you want to feel in it when it’s complete.

What’s included: Conceptual designs (1 to 3) include a ballpark estimate for construction costs on one concept and will help you make decisions going forward.

The goal: Edit and refine the general design. Based on your feedback, the conceptual design plan will be refined to a master plan.

Depending on the scope & complexity of your project, this phase may require an additional round of back and forth between us...this is fine & normal... and we’re working within a fixed rate.

"A week later she had 3 different plans to spur more discussion. We chose one plan and then added certain elements from the 2 other plans to get a hybrid plan that we were happy with." -Dennis & Di Ballard

"We just saw Leanne’s initial concepts for our yard, and Steve and I were both blown away. Leanne is a genius! It’s a treat to be working with someone who’s not only a delightful person, but who is gifted in her work."
-Carolyn & Stephen, Capitol Hill

What’s next? Final Design.