#4. Project Management


We, at Terra Design, take the role of personal “Owner’s Agent”. We are your filter and front line and main contact for contractor(s) during the installation phase.

We are responsible for:

Ground gets broken onsite and you begin to see and feel the landscape changes from the very bottom up. It’s exciting, and it can also be a bit stressful. We understand...and we’ve got this. Start to finish.

"The landscape contractor we worked with was Mark Acosta of Everlast Landscaping. He and Leanne worked seamlessly together to get everything right. The speed of completion was also amazing." -Giri & Sapna, Capitol Hill

What about permits & working with the City?
We can handle the procurement of all necessary permits for you.

We are your agent.
We get it done with minimal worry and effort on your part.

"The installation went smoothly, and the quality of the deck construction is excellent. As they say in the construction business anytime you can say the project was “on time and within budget” you have a winner."
-Cathy & Jerry, West Seattle

The landscape design is “in”. What’s next?

Let’s talk warranties, maintenance and follow up.