#5. Follow up & Support


This phase is essential, though it’s notoriously under-recognized as a part of good landscape installation.

Even a low-maintenance design still needs some maintenance to thrive. To ensure the long-term success of your outdoor design, we’ll first walk through your site at project completion and discuss all aspects of the installation as well as future maintenance.

Passing the baton...your garden goes into your care We compile a comprehensive care plan which includes:

Warranty support
The way warranty issues are addressed is the hallmark of a good contractor.

You get our personal involvement to ensure that all warranty issues are dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

Case in point, this is a snippet of an email sent to a client who had emailed that an irrigation line was malfunctioning: “I will be by tomorrow to effect a short term solution and Mark will repair it by the end of the week, and yes it is under warranty.” Landscapes have many moving parts. Things sometimes go awry, but we are here to respond quickly and fix the problem.

Now, about maintenance
Maintenance + Design + Installation yield your best results. Inside your home, the kitchen counters need wiping, the floors need vacuuming or mopping. Your designed outdoor space needs its own cycle of maintenance and we all want your space to grow and thrive...with you enjoying it season after season.

We’re invested in the long-term success of your garden and will work with you to establish a maintenance plan:

After the patio, arbor, firepit, and plantings are in, we’re still your expert, your agent, your support.

"The few follow up issues, both real and imagined, have been handled eagerly and effectively. We are thrilled and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work."
-Cathy & Jerry, West Seattle

One more step to go: The one-year follow-up