A Clean & Smooth Landscape Installation

Terra Design’s Project Management services ensure that neither your work or nor your personal life get derailed while your landscape is created. A well-installed landscape is critical to the ultimate success of your new outdoor space. 29 years of professional experience, a keen eye for detail and thorough communication skills with outside vendors, firms and owners make for a smooth, headache-free process for you and your family.

29 years of contractor relationship building...and counting We have solid & reliable relationships with our team of landscape contractors, specialty trade craftsman and other businesses who deliver and build according to our design specs and high standards.

You don’t need to know a contractor…or find one. Because we only work with our talented team of contractors, you can be assured that your garden installation will be smooth, professional and of high quality. We’ve built a trusted list of sources with care of the past 2+ decades.

Terra Design acts as an Owner's Agent: we are your filter and frontline We oversee all phases and aspects of the installation, including

By Design

Hassle & distraction-free design by Terra Design

Because we created the design with depth and heart, we understand your vision and wishes for your completed space to its core. We “speak contractor” on your behalf, with the care and attention your landscape deserves, which minimizes the inconvenience to you and your family.

Landscape design and project managementWe chose to have both design and project management. Leanne chose Horizon Landscaping because of her experiences with them in the past. We communicated primarily with Leanne about anything that needed to be changed or altered during the process and she worked with Horizon to get it done.

After 2 weeks we had a completed yard and zero headaches!-Dennis & Di, Ballard

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